The CSI HOF WATERKANT takes place under the patronage of Daniel Günther, Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein.

The Ambassadors

Alone, as a couple or inspire friends, partners and business people for the idea of ​​the CSI Hof Waterkant?

It's definitely easier together - so what could be more obvious than activating friends and business partners as CSI Hof Waterkant ambassadors for the idea.

People - who love horses and riders like we do, people who want to create something together with us through their know-how, their contacts and simply through their positive nature.

Thanks a lot for this.


"An international tournament with tests for young horses - great! I am a horse breeder with all my heart and I know how important this is for horse and rider - and then internationally! I'm in.” - Stefan Aust

"Take a large portion of imagination, a handful of courage to take risks, a large sip of motivation and a pinch of madness - the tournament at Hof Waterkant is done, a recipe just to my taste! I'm in.” - Cornelia Poletto

"Horsemanship and passion are more than just a word - me and the people at Hof Waterkant too, I experience that again and again. That's why I encourage both of you in your tournament thoughts! I'm in." -Dr. Stephen Reader

"The "Grand Prix of Schleswig-Holstein" - that sounds like a real tournament to me, maybe I should mention it too! I'm in.” - Achaz von Buchwaldt

“Winning begins in the mind! Janne and Christoph prove that again and again! That's why I'm here." -Dr. Rudiger Grube

“Taking appropriate account of uncertain times and still opening up new opportunities for equestrian sport deserves recognition and support. I am there – as a partner in sport and as a friend.”
- Juergen Fitschen

“You have to seize opportunities when they arise – just like on the course. Janne sometimes rides to the jump with four instead of five strides – that fits. Count me in."
-Tjark Nagel

“The performance comparison at a tournament is a central building block for the development of horse and rider. Thanks to Janne and Christoph for making this possible in a special environment under such special conditions! Count me in."
-Dr. Peter Figge

"Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Zimmermann couple,
ladies and gentlemen,
dear riders,

dear equestrian friends,
dear helpers in the background,

Many thanks for the invitation to your great, international show jumping tournament here in Pinneberg-Waldenau under the patronage of our Prime Minister Daniel Günther. I'm happy to come here to get a taste of the stable air and the spirit of competition and I would like to send you warm greetings from our mayor, Ms di Racca-Boenigk.

First of all, congratulations to the winners and finishers of today's tournament. They more than deserved the applause of the audience.

On this evening you are still in the middle of the tournament. I have had it explained to me that both young riders and international show jumpers want to present their skills here and prevail in numerous competitions against the competition and it is also about qualifying for the European Championships taking place in North Rhine-Westphalia in autumn.

You have prepared yourself for this tournament in countless hours of practice, as a rider and your horse, your faithful companion. Without a very special bond and relationship and a lot of trust in these graceful animals, such achievements cannot be built up and cannot be accessed. You all, young riders or show jumpers, have my greatest respect. A horse like that is pretty high and so is the obstacle that has to be overcome.

Dear married couple Zimmermann, what you and your crew have achieved here for the first time and also in times of the pandemic is a masterpiece! Accommodating and caring for up to 350 riders and horses and the associated helpers over the course of the day is a logistical challenge. I sincerely wish that everything worked out and will continue to work out as you imagined and I am very impressed that you were brave enough to organize these tournament days here despite the ongoing Corona crisis. Your concept must have covered many, many pages and had to be coordinated again and again. It's great that your dream has now taken shape, has become a reality and that you've been invited to this tournament.

I wish you all many happy hours and successful and exciting competitions here at Hof Waterkant in Waldenau. When you are on your way home, you may still like to think back to this great time and this great exchange. Stay healthy and please do everything to ensure that your horse stays healthy too. But that is certainly natural for all of you.

Thank you very much, dear Mr and Mrs Zimmermann, for hosting this tournament for the first time. If all goes well, I hope to do it again next year. Pinneberg is proud to host an international tournament."

Urte Steinberg
Mayor Pinneberg


the makers

Actually, we don't want to be so much in the foreground, we would rather create a nice tournament that spectators, riders, partners and sponsors alike will remember as a great experience.

From our point of view, this requires not only the courage to try, but also a certain amount of luck. And luck is known to be on the back of a horse. So the circle closes for us, because we both owe the horses all the happiness in the world.

We wish all of you who visit the tournament a good time, the riders and the horses here in the 4 days a good time.