THE CSI HOF WATERKANT takes place under the patronage of Daniel Günther, Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein. 


"An international show with competitions for young horses - super! I am a horse breeder wholeheartedly and know how important this is for horse and rider - and then international! I'm in." - Stefan Aust


"Take a big portion of imagination, a handful of courage to take risks, a big gulp of motivation and a pinch of craziness - ready is the competition at Hof Waterkant, a recipe just to my taste! I'm in." - Cornelia Poletto


"Horsemanship and passion are more than just words. You have to live it, like the team of Hof Waterkant. That's why I encourage them in their competition spirit! I'm in." - Dr. Stephan Leser


"The "Grand Prix of Schleswig-Holstein" - that sounds like a real competition to me, maybe I should enter! I'm in." Achaz von Buchwaldt


"A competition with international flair in Schleswig-Holstein - Hamburg - wonderful. It's good for all of us - whether riders or breeders. We are in." - Constanzehof


"Winning starts in the head! Janne and Christoph prove that again and again! That's why I'm in." - Dr. Rüdiger Grube


"To take appropriate account of uncertain times and yet open up new opportunities for equestrian sport deserves recognition and support. I'm in - as a partner in the sport and as a friend." - Jürgen Fitschen


"Opportunities have to be seized when they arise - similar to the course. Janne sometimes rides to the jump with four instead of five canter jumps - that fits. I'm in." - Tjark Nagel


"The performance comparison at a show is a central building block for the development of horse and rider. Thank you Janne and Christoph for making this possible in such a special environment and under such special conditions! I'm in." - Dr. Peter Figge