The CSI HOF WATERKANT takes place under the patronage of Daniel Günther, Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein.

The Ambassadors

Alone, as a couple or inspire friends, partners and business people for the idea of ​​the CSI Hof Waterkant?

It's definitely easier together - so what could be more obvious than activating friends and business partners as CSI Hof Waterkant ambassadors for the idea.

People - who love horses and riders like we do, people who want to create something together with us through their know-how, their contacts and simply through their positive nature.

Thanks a lot for this.

"An international tournament with tests for young horses - great! I am a horse breeder with all my heart and I know how important this is for horse and rider - and then internationally! I'll be there."
- Stefan Aust

"The ”Grand Prix of Schleswig-Holstein” - that sounds like a real tournament to me, maybe I should mention it! I'll be there."
- Achaz von Buchwaldt

"You take a large portion of imagination, a handful of courage to take risks, a large sip of motivation and a pinch of madness - the tournament at Hof Waterkant is done, a recipe just the way I like it! I'm in!"
- Cornelia Poletto

the makers

Actually, we don't want to be so much in the foreground, we would rather create a nice tournament that spectators, riders, partners and sponsors alike will remember as a great experience.

From our point of view, this requires not only the courage to try, but also a certain amount of luck. And luck is known to be on the back of a horse. So the circle closes for us, because we both owe the horses all the happiness in the world.

We wish all of you who visit the tournament a good time, the riders and the horses here in the 4 days a good time.