Holsteiner double Hannes Ahlmann and Nerrado WINS at Hof Waterkant

on July 5, 2021 at 9:24 am

Source: www.st-georg.de

Hannes Ahlmann wins the Holstein Grand Prix at Hof Waterkant with Nerrado. The next generation of show jumpers makes up the jump-off among themselves.

He was so happy that everyone who celebrated him beamed with the winner: Hannes Ahlmann and Nerrado won the Holstein Grand Prix. A Holsteiner boy (can you still say that at 20?), a Holsteiner stallion and a sunny summer afternoon with top-class sport - you couldn't stage it more perfectly! When host and organizer Christoph Zimmermann thanked everyone involved at the end of the first CSI at Hof Waterkant on the north-western outskirts of Hamburg, it was obvious that a load had been lifted from his heart. Done!

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